f l o r a

I love my flag

painting/print 12"x18"

what is this pink flower?

a new ger rain ium

plant on the porch

paint pencil

Oh! There was a mouse in the roots

painting/print 13x21

a quick feather flower ....
it tickles... and giggles.... painting 10"x10.23"

Remember warmth

painting/print 20"x23"


painting/print 16"x12"

the Helen of Troy flower

A lot to learn from Michael Pollan

painting/print "14.2x23"

amazing - spending
the winter in the garage
comes beautiful blooms ...

painting / print 14.2" x 23"

it is a flower that starts with the letter " P"
you know... porky pig's girlfriend

petunia...that's it

painting/print "14.2x23"

it was a wet summer
but my oh my
the fireweed grew so... high

painting/print 23"x14"

squint your eyes
open them wide
use your imagination

and see shapes in the clouds?

painting/print 18"x29"

raspberries ...
oh, rainy day raspberries...

painting/print 14"x 23"

dreams of grandeur
painting/print 16"x24"

just more of those bleeding hearts
painting/print 10"x 16.18"

so ready for spring
painting/print 16" x 26"

beetiful ... is it in the eye of the beetholder?
painting/print 18" x 23"

can you imagine infinity?
painting/print 14.23"x 23"

no matter what way you look, one can find beauty
painting/print 20"x20"

california the way it is
sketch / print 6"x8"

follow your heart
painting / print 8"x 10"

the shadows behind
they sometimes enhance the
hidden beauty .. acknowledgment
painting / print 8"x 10"

almost spring
painting / print 10"x 16"

spring in my window
painting / print 11"x 14"

the whole > the sum of its parts
painting / print 8"x 14"

it smells so good
painting / print 11"x 17"

painting / print 13" x 15"

don't be afraid of your dragons
painting / print 11"x 18"

proper poppy
painting / print 8"x 14"

lilies are.....
painting / print 11"x 18"

pansy pansy pansy pansy pansy
painting / print 8"x 10"

painting / print 8"x 10"

high bush cranberry
painting / print 20"x 30"

who will go next
painting/print 14"x 20"

does this mean it is going to snow soon
painting / print 20"x 30"

bright begonia
painting / print 5"x 8"

watch your step you - might walk on the sky
painting / print 12"x 14.5"

fall fireweed ..one for each season
painting / print

one frosty morning i got poked in the eye

orange is a happy color
painting / print 12"x 18"

color inside the winter
painting / print 10"x16"

moon shadows .. pulling dreams
painting / print 10"x 16"

a mother's day flower for all
we all create
painting/print 4"x 6"